My mommy is not the result of a coincidence... because every mother is unique and unforgettable by showing herself simple, ironical, original... my Mommy, an elastic bracelet, wear it on Summer 2015! Charming like a bra strap, unisex, dedicated to a superwoman, the one who gives birth, who tucks you in at night, who works, who cleans home, and does everything to be at her best. Busy. Active. That is a Super mommy's life!
A mother, a partner, a sister, a friend, a mother-in-law, a lover... My mommy is always My mommy and it's always on our minds... and, why not, on our wrists!
You can hook together more than a bracelet, to create color combinations for every taste.
20 spicy and hot colors: pink pepper, sea salt, vanilla, chilli, paprika, coffee... a real spicy collection!!
Fashionable and stylish, young and funny. What is your favorite my mommy?
My mommy is a registered trademark, 100% made in italy, by adjustable, hypoallergenic, washable and elastic fabric.

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